All About Me

me booksHello and welcome to my website. I’m a writer hailing from the hills of South Wales, where sheep eat daffodils and people have strange accents. Sadly my Welsh is limited to complaints (mae pen tost da fi – I have a headache; mae hi’n bwrw glaw – it’s raining). Despite this rural caveat, I spent a formative five years based in Liverpool, wandering the city streets in search of money and books.

This website mostly focuses on writing – how I write, what I read, how I apply what I read to what I write, etc. I have a few samples of my work dotted around the place, some hidden pages (though not really… just click the pictures) and general writerly things, like words and punctuation marks.

My work takes on many forms, from prose to poetry to essay writing. In my short stories I try to capture the ambiguity of life, using the visual to get a feel for the shadows that run parallel with the physical, the sense of the uncanny hiding within the canny. My poetry attempts the impossible task of applying meaning and structure to the complexity of life, particularly the hidden laws which govern both nature and man, and tries to contain in language a world perpetually in flux.

Aside from being a writing Welshman, I’m five foot eight(ish), not quite ginger, an enjoyer of fine rare steak and Baileys on ice (though probably not at the same time) and a multifarious reader (kind of goes with the writing thing…)

In 2011 I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a First Class Degree in Creative Writing, and in 2013 was very relieved to finish an MA in Writing with Merit at the same institution. I’ve had poetry published in In the Red issues 8, 9 (which I co-edited), 10 and 11, and won second place in the 2011 Avalon Poetry Prize. ‘Now You See Me’, a short story, and my essay ‘Reading as a Writer’ were recently published in the eBook Subtext Anthology. As a freelance writer I’ve written many articles on topics as diverse as Facebook’s ‘failed’ IPO, and Futuristic Handbags (not an area of expertise or anything…) If you like what you see on this website and have some content writing needs of your own, get in touch. After a fantastic library internship at the magnificent Gladstone’s Library (go and stay!) I decided that maybe a career in librarianship would do me good; I’m currently working in Oxford as a Graduate Trainee with the Bodleian Libraries, after which I’ll hopefully be heading to London to do an MA in Library and Information Studies.

Keep an eye out for regular new content, and follow me (with my very unwriterly username) on Twitter:


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